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+1(720) 295-1728


Giving it 5 stars but I'm not sure about the taste. Otherwise, all good! Buzz - 5 stars. Shipping time - 5 stars. Packaging - 5 stars. I guess I'm a little starry-eyed but, you can't write a review until you've sampled the product!

Tony Bornny

I need cannabis oil for C.o.P.d and emphysema hope to have sooooon

Gary Fillingham

i got this Monday and i dont really like it because its not a strong high its good diffenly for people who dont smoke much but i smoke everyday. so not a good one for me. it got to me quick i ordered Friday and got it Monday so very fast shipping this is the only site i trust always have the top of the line bud

Jason Mcisaac

I need a doctor to help me apply for the pain pills don't work IM always in seriously pain

Selina Ney

I have had 3 back surgeries in 9 months. All surgeries were on the same level. I'm only 42 and feel easily in my 60's. My kids miss their mom, my boyfriend misses his girlfriend. We have been for medical marijuana for awhile now. I now have a pretty good routine and have taken down the number prescription drugs I'm on. I believe now we have cut around 7 medications. I believe we have a right to be able to choose a natural choice over prescription drugs. It may not be everyone's choice but so glad I live in a state that gives me the right to choose.

Rachel Leggett 

I truly believe marijuana is the best medicine for anxiety I have ever taken

Bob Willhite

my hand hurts,so I relax it with bud

Swiff Garcia

I totally believe I had 2 fusions an they put me on 200mgs of morphine time release an an I'm on instant release an I'm still in a lot of pain I got ahold of some gods gift an boy did it help me along with my meds an I was extremely impress with how it numb my body the meds didn't hv tat affect at all so yes I'm in favor of it,helps me to the point to where I can move around an be able to do 4 myself an I'm in favor with anything tat has something todo with marijuana it's some thing tat god created not man thank u lord fir this medicine

Julian Brackett

Information helps, "like Always".

Your body is the Problema?

Orly Gayon

I had cancer,degenerative joint and bone disease, going blind in 1 eye from glaucoma. I got my marijuana card and I know it's been proven than certain strand of marijuana can prevent cancer. Perhaps this is why my cancer never returned. Helps my pain over pain pills any day!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) God wouldn't have had this natural plant everywhere for no reason. It was there to ease his children's pain. Without turning into an addict on pills or hard drugs. Bad drugs. Marijuana makes it so I don't suffer all the time. Legalize marijuana in the entire USA. Help those who suffer :-) :-) :-)

Laura White - 

I think our freedom's being spoonfed to us has got to stop. Stand for something or fall for everything. That's also including the rederic they try forcing people to believe.

Shawn Fry - 

All patients need to be able to grow their own. I'm fighting for this right as an advocate here in Florida. Patients cannot afford mmj for edibles without growing their own medicine. I feel that edibles offer the best benefits for my disease and pain control.

Diane Gracely

I have crohn's disease and on top of that broke 3 vertebrae in my back. Marijuana has been a godsend in pain relief, relief of my severe depression and anxiety. I can't wait till it is legalized for medical use in Nebraska cause growing is a big interest of mine and I find it therapeutic to grow.

Jeff Muckey

I believe that marijuana is the answer to helping aid and combat a lot of major and minor ailments that we as human beings are plagued with in our life times. Love & Prayers Always , <3 <3 <3

Jimi Shurley - 

Is one thing i want to have on this page, like a **/"translator"\** translate everything to any language to dem doesnt understand this language

Johan Björnen Nilsson

I need dis all day long in night so I can eat in sleep I have plans in my hand

Edward Davis

I'm still exploring, have shared some materal will share more I'm sure.

John W. Getts